Research Spotlight: Computational approaches in cancer modeling

This month a special issue of Computational approaches in cancer modeling has been published.  EVONANO members Dr Balaz, Dr Hauert, and Dr Adamatzky were Guest editors of this special issue which brings together a collection of excellent articles from across the cancer modeling community. These articles explore novel computational and modeling approaches that cover multiple spatial and temporal scales of cancer models and also possible frameworks that can integrate them.

The editors say, “In this special issue we cover the following computational approaches: molecular dynamics, agent-based modelling, machine learning, cellular automata, continuum modeling as well as possibilities of integrating several of these approaches into a unified framework.” The full issue is available here.

Fig. 1. State diagram describing behaviour of a nano-agent after recognizing a cancer cell. Pa: probability of binding to a cell; Pd: probability of disassociation from a cell; Pi: probability of internalization into a cell.

The special issue also featured our exciting new article “Harnessing adaptive novelty for automated generation of cancer treatments”. This article proposes a computational model for fast, novelty-based machine learning exploration of the nanoparticle design space. To read more details, click here for the full article.