See recent publications from the EVO NANO project below:


  • Preen, R. J., Bull, L., & Adamatzky, A. Towards an evolvable cancer treatment simulator. BioSystems, 182, 1-7
  • Tsompanas, M.-A., Bull, L., Adamatzky, A., Balaz, I. Haploid-Diploid Evolution: Nature’s Memetic Algorithm
    (arXiv)   arXiv:1911.07302v1
  • Molins, P., Stillman, N., Hauert, S. Trail Formation using Large Swarms of Minimal Robots. SAC, 946-952
  • Gener et al. Pivotal Role of AKT2 during Dynamic Phenotypic Change of Breast Cancer Stem Cells. Cancers (Basel), 11(8):1058

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 FET Open programme under grant agreement. No. 800983.