EVO-NANO @ Nano2Clinic Training School

This April, Dr Thomas Draper and Marina Kovacevic attended the Nano2Clinic Training School in Trieste, Italy. Marina represented Igor Balaz’ group and EVO-NANO with her poster presentation, and wrote up a report of her time at this exciting event.

“During four fantastic days, we attended lectures designed to give us insights on the clinical translation of nanomedicine from the bench to the bedside.  Talks were given by experts in the various fields, and were truly inspiring. This was a great opportunity to learn about different aspects of nanomedicine – from their conception to their industrialization for clinical applications, and all of that in a relaxed atmosphere.

As part of the lectures, attendees were given different problems to solve. Since all students came from different backgrounds, and are working in very specific fields, interesting solutions (and heated discussions J) came up. It was a great experience, not least as we were forced to contemplate aspects which do not generally get considered in our chosen fields, but it also opened up some new opportunities.

During breaks, attendees were running towards the local café (who can resist Italian espresso?). And we were all amazed by incredible efficiency of the baristas. People were extremely friendly and our hosts were fantastic.

Overall, it was great learning experience, and we will definitely be adopting new approaches and considering alternative implementations in our future work.”