Outreach materials

We have developed a workshop for 12-15 year olds introduce them to nanomedicine, nanoparticles, cancer, cancer treatment and the Evo Nano project. It can also be adapted for different ages. Within that we have developed a board game and a coding-based game, using PictoBlox- these games are suitable for most ages. The workshop takes between 50 minutes and 1 hour and fifteen minutes: you can make it shorter by only playing one of the games or by taking out other activities. It links to the curriculum by exploring animal cells, cell growth, cancer, chemical and physical properties, computer coding and diffusion. It’s suitable for students studying computer science, biology, physics, and chemistry. Included in all the resources below are notes to help educators and science communicators explore the topics with the students, as well as information about what you need to play the game and do the activities in the presentation

PowerPoint presentation for workshop

“Precision” boardgame standalone PowerPoint presentation and as a PDF

Boardgame board

PictoBlox game “NanoparticleQuest” Introduction (Powerpoint) and video introduction