Research Spotlight: Measuring Nanoparticle Penetration Through Bio-Mimetic Gels

Last year we published some research on how to measure penetration of nanoparticles in the International Journal of Nanomedicine. One of the challenges with successful drug delivery via nanocarriers to cancer tumours is their ability to overcome barriers to reach their target. As visualising the dynamics in vivo and in vitro is difficult, this paper explains the research by the University of Bristol team, to investigate the penetration of the tumour by the nanoparticle through a tissue-memetic microfluidic chip.  Using a bespoke image-processing codebase in MATLAB, the team was able to observe size-dependant transport mechanics of the nanoparticles through the hydrogels. To read more about what they found have a look at the article ‘Measuring Nanoparticle penetration through bio-mimetic gels’.