Presenting to the EU Commission (19 Nov 2019)

Tuesday’s meeting at the EU Commission was a long day of presentations to a panel of four expert monitors, as well as our EU Project Officer. We assembled in the impressive EU Commission building on Place Charles Rogier in the morning, and despite the stringent security checks taking their time, we got off to a good start (relatively) on time.

While the majority of the meeting was a closed-door affair, with photographs and media not allowed, each presenting member of the team did an impressive job conveying their knowledge and efforts from throughout the first year of EVO-NANO; as well as answering the queries and suggestions that the panelists interjected with throughout. The experts in their field that we presented to ranged from cancer specialist to career scientist in nanoparticle synthesis, to business and commercialization strategist.

The panelists were ultimately very impressed by the technical aspects of what we have been able to achieve in our first year, and reported as much at the end of the day. From their private consultation after the presentations, they strongly recommended that the EVO-NANO project take steps to solidify our dissemination strategy and to investigate the exploitation/IP protection as early as possible, to make sure that the project has a strong foothold when looking for investment opportunities. All the feedback was noted and will be extremely helpful in steering the project in the right direction.

EVO-NANO team @ EU Commission, Nov 2019