Workshop Announcement – Cancer, Evolution, ALife: Discovery of Cancer Treatment

Cancer, Evolution, ALife: Discovery of Cancer Treatment

When:  28-29 April, 2020

Where: Arnolfini, Bristol, UK 

Submission Deadline:15th March 2020

Notification Due: 22nd  March 2020

Final Version Due: 1st April 2020

Registration fee: £50

Invited speakers

Yukio Gunji (Waseda University, Japan): Cancer as conflict of unicellular and multicellular features

Michael Ladomery (UWE, Bristol, UK): Targeting cancer cells by altering pre-mRNA splicing

Aim and scope 

The International Workshop on Cancer, Evolution, ALife  is a meeting where scientists from many different backgrounds are united in their interest in interdisciplinary approaches towards origins and development of cancers, innovative ways of searching for cancer treatment such as nanomedicine, and the role of cancer in evolution of the species. 

Topics of Interest 

Papers presentations are sought in all areas that relate to search for cancer treatment using AI and evolutionary optimisation, automatic optimisation of treatments such as nanomedicine and immunotherapy, novel modelling techniques, molecular origin of cancer, the role of cancer in evolution of species, interpretation of cancer in terms of artificial life and artificial immune systems, swarm intelligence, cellular automata, computational systems biology, genetic networks, cellular computing,  validation through in vitro/vivo tumour models and tumour on chip devices. Both theoretical and experimental papers are welcome. 

Extended versions of selected papers from the workshop will appear in a special issue of the Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems and/or BioSystems

Registration now open.

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Igor Balaz (University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Andrew Adamatzky (UWE Bristol UK)

Simo Schwartz Jr. (CIBBIM-Nanomedicine, Spain)

Local organizers 

Andrew Adamatzky (UK) <

Michael-Antisthenes Tsompanas (UK) <>

Program committee

Ibane Abasolo (VHIR, Catalonia)

Andrew Adamatzky (UWE, UK)

Sepinoud Azimi (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)

Igor Balaz (University of Novi Sad, Serbia)

Piotr Barski (ProChimia Surfaces, Poland)

Larry Bull (UWE, UK)

Sabine Hauert (UoB, UK) 

Petra Gener (VHIR, Catalonia)

Sébastien Lafond (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)

Scott McCormick (UoB, UK)

Isabel Rodriguez (IMDEA, Spain)

Simo Schwartz Jr. (VHIR, Spain)

Namid Shatil (UoB, UK)

Michael-Antisthenes Tsompanas (UWE, UK)

Dariusz Witt (ProChimia Surfaces, Poland)